Chocolate Workshops



Listen to the exciting history of cacao while learning how to make chocolate from bean-to-bar. Participants will make chocolatl, the traditional chocolate of Aztec kings, and will finish the class by creating their very own chocolate bar to take home. The class will also include a chocolate tasting–can you spot the difference between the gourmet and the commercial?

The Bean to Bar classes run everyday at 11:00AM or 2:45PM.

Book your class in our store located in Santa Catalina 204 (We do not take reservations On-line)

The price is S/.65.00 and includes Xocolatl, the drink of the Aztec kings, your own chocolate bar made with your own choice of additional ingredients, and a chocolate tasting. 1 hour and 45 minutes.

If these times do not work for you we can also schedule a private class for a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 participants.


Sign up today! Please contact us here on facebook or through our email:


Escucha la historia apasionante de cacao mientras aprenden cómo hacer chocolate del grano a la barra. Los participantes harán Xocolatl, el tradicional chocolate de Azteca Reyes y terminarán la clase creando su propia barra de chocolate para llevar a casa. La clase también incluirá una degustación de chocolate. ¿Puede detectar la diferencia entre el gourmet y el de todos los días?

Horarios: 11:00AM o 2:45PM todos los días.

Reserva tu clase en nuestra tienda ubicada en Calle Santa Catalina 204 Cercado (No se toman reservas On-line)

El costo es S/.65 incluye materiales, preparación de Xocolatl (bebida ancestral Mexicana), chocolate para que hagas tu propia combinación y un taste de distintos tipos de chocolate. Duración: 2 hora y 30 minutos.



Inscríbase hoy mismo! Envíe su mensaje aquí o nuestro correo electrónico:



4 Comments on “Chocolate Workshops

  1. Hello, do you run chocolate workshops on sundays, thank you.

    • Hi Sophie,

      Sorry for the delay! It’s best to contact Chaqchao through facebook to find out what days they run workshops. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi we are travelling to arequipa on the 7th July and looking to do an afternoon of chocolate making from bean to bar for 2 persons.
    Would you book for us.

    • Hi Lee
      We run our bean to bar classes everyday at 11am or 2:45pm
      The cost of the class is 60 soles, unfortunately we do not take reservations online.
      If you would like to join one of our classes you must come to our store once you arrive in Arequipa and book the class.
      We are located in Santa Catalina 204 and hours are 9am to 11pm
      You an read some reviews of our class on tripadvisor
      Hope you can join us

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