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The road to Piura Blanco

The mission was simple, the journey, not at all. In the bouncy seats of the tuk tuk, visions of verdant green patches and dry forest outcroppings flashed by. We were just two hours from the city of Piura, but we…

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How to truly taste Chocolate

–In conjunction with our NEW chocolate making workshops, we’re publishing this guide to help define the difference of handcrafted chocolate. What better way, we think, than through the stomach, right?  ———————————————————————————————————————————– As a child, I’d scarf down a Reese’s Cup…

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2014: Creating Food Change

Do you have any resolutions for 2014? According to Food Tank, here are 14 food resolutions you should consider. In particular, we’re passionate about no. 7 and no. 13. As Food Tank reminds us, buying organic means protecting our bodies…

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Chaqchao’s Guide to Christmas

¿Necesitas un regalo esta Navidad? ¡Ven a Chaqchao y disfruta de nuestras delicias navideñas! Tenemos un mix para hacer chocolate caliente orgánico y, como siempre, barras de chocolate orgánico. Need a last-minute Christmas gift? Stop by Chaqchao! We have mixes…

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