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The Faces Behind Fair Trade

Name: Juan de La Cruz Ribera de Mar Finca: La Nicolasa (named after his mother) Comunidad: Campesina Cesar Vallejo Palo Blanco, Chulucanas Altitude: 235 Meters above sea level Hectares: 2 Arboles: 2,000 native or criollo cacao trees Years growing cacao:…

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The road to Piura Blanco

The mission was simple, the journey, not at all. In the bouncy seats of the tuk tuk, visions of verdant green patches and dry forest outcroppings flashed by. We were just two hours from the city of Piura, but we…

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Chaqchao Staff Spotlight: Michelle

Chaqchao Chocolates is comprised of an international staff. Get to know each one of these wanderers (er, baristas) better. Meet Michelle who is Québécoise, (the French part of Canada), as she’ll quickly let you know.  What brought you to Arequipa &…

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Following the Salty Source

Written by Chaqchao Staff Authentic. Local. Fair. These words are easy to tout, but many businesses fail to define how they accomplish them. Used together, these words (and more) are simple marketing magic. Like hashtags on Twitter, they’re trendy. As…

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2014: Creating Food Change

Do you have any resolutions for 2014? According to Food Tank, here are 14 food resolutions you should consider. In particular, we’re passionate about no. 7 and no. 13. As Food Tank reminds us, buying organic means protecting our bodies…

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