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How to truly taste Chocolate

–In conjunction with our NEW chocolate making workshops, we’re publishing this guide to help define the difference of handcrafted chocolate. What better way, we think, than through the stomach, right?  ———————————————————————————————————————————– As a child, I’d scarf down a Reese’s Cup…

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Chaqchao Staff Spotlight: Michelle

Chaqchao Chocolates is comprised of an international staff. Get to know each one of these wanderers (er, baristas) better. Meet Michelle who is Québécoise, (the French part of Canada), as she’ll quickly let you know.  What brought you to Arequipa &…

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The Peruvian Cacao Difference

When the world consumes cacao–in chocolate, cocoa, nibs, and more–more than 70% of that comes from West Africa. In terms of diversity, that’s akin to tasting just one or two varieties of grapes, rather than sipping the full spectrum of…

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Chaqchao’s new Chocolatemobile

At Chaqchao we like to make big statements. It only seems natural, as such, that our new chocolatemobile would be a beautiful vintage Volkswagon, cerca 1962. Come check it out! As the second owner–ever–of this beauty, it’s in pristine condition….

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