The Faces Behind Fair Trade

Name: Juan de La Cruz Ribera de Mar


Finca: La Nicolasa (named after his mother)

Comunidad: Campesina Cesar Vallejo Palo Blanco, Chulucanas


Altitude: 235 Meters above sea level

Hectares: 2

Arboles: 2,000 native or criollo cacao trees


Years growing cacao: 30

How he learned: from his grandmother who grew cacao as an ailment for local nursing mothers to give them strength

Previous job: a veteran of Peru’s Air Force

The best thing about chocolate: it’s really good; it can be a food or a medicine, plus, it gives you happiness and pleasure



How does fair trade help you:

-increased knowledge and quality of cacao

-5 children who were able to attend university

-increased self-esteem

-two national prizes for premium cacao

As Juan says,”It’s completely changed my life. I’ve become known by people from around the world.”

DSC_1858 Thanks to Juan! 


2 Comments on “The Faces Behind Fair Trade

  1. I would like to participate in a chocolate making workshop tomorrow afternoon (May 28 @ 2:45) if possible. Though I prefer tomorrow, any other afternoon this week would be possible.
    Thank you,
    John Frediani

    • Hi John
      We run classes everyday at 11am or 2:45pm however you must come to our store in order to book the class since we don’t take reservations online.
      We are located in Calle Santa Catalina 204 and our hours are 10am to 9pm.
      You can read some reviews of our classes on Tripadvisor, hope you can join us!!

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