The Faces Behind Fair Trade

Name: Juan de La Cruz Ribera de Mar


Finca: La Nicolasa (named after his mother)

Comunidad: Campesina Cesar Vallejo Palo Blanco, Chulucanas


Altitude: 235 Meters above sea level

Hectares: 2

Arboles: 2,000 native or criollo cacao trees


Years growing cacao: 30

How he learned: from his grandmother who grew cacao as an ailment for local nursing mothers to give them strength

Previous job: a veteran of Peru’s Air Force

The best thing about chocolate: it’s really good; it can be a food or a medicine, plus, it gives you happiness and pleasure



How does fair trade help you:

-increased knowledge and quality of cacao

-5 children who were able to attend university

-increased self-esteem

-two national prizes for premium cacao

As Juan says,”It’s completely changed my life. I’ve become known by people from around the world.”

DSC_1858 Thanks to Juan! 


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