Chaqchao Staff Spotlight: Michelle

Chaqchao Chocolates is comprised of an international staff. Get to know each one of these wanderers (er, baristas) better.

Meet Michelle who is Québécoise, (the French part of Canada), as she’ll quickly let you know. 


What brought you to Arequipa & Chaqchao?

I decided to spend my gap year traveling through South America and when I arrived in Arequipa, I ended up really liking it. I met Javier, the owner of Chaqchao, while working in a local hostel and instantly wanted to be a part of his chocolate project before it even started. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Chaqchao?

There are so many things. There’s the work environment, learning more about Peruvian and organic products, and of course, helping clients learn about the process and history of making chocolate. 

What’s your favorite Chaqchao product and why?

That’s a hard one! My favorite is… the banana bread because I’ve always really liked banana bread, but I especially love this one because it’s organic. I never get tired of eating it. 

Favorite meal to eat in the White City?

Ceviche! It’s just the best. I could eat it three times a day. It’s fresh and so cheap. 

Best hidden locale?

The puente bolognesi. For me, the view from the river and the mountain is really amazing. Plus, it’s always so cute to see the love locks that couples place on the bridge. 

If you could describe Arequipa in six words what would they be?

Sunshine, welcoming, flavorful, vibrant, and never-ending-fiesta. 

As for the future, what are your plans (travel or otherwise)?

My plans are to travel until the end of May and start university in Montreal at the beginning of September.



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